Entrepreneur & Business Leader


  • Successful repositioning of Copious as a leading national digital commerce agency
  • Led Copious to tremendous revenue and team growth
  • Developed new forecasting frameworks in sales, finance, and operations
  • Built long-term partnerships with leading brands
  • Learned invaluable lessons from my team, my clients & leading industry peers

Key Stats


* Growth as CEO, Sales closed in past 5 years

CEO of Copious

For the last seven years, I was the CEO at Copious, where I led the transformation of a regional web design firm into a top national digital commerce and marketing agency.

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Growing and Scaling Copious
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Building Partnerships


I built and grew strong partnerships with our clients and core technology partners. Our clients entrusted us with their brand, customers, critical projects and business growth.

Our clients included — Adidas, Zumiez, Ingram-Micro, Rejuvenation a William Sonoma brand, Leatherman, and Birchbox — to name a few.


Closing Deals & Driving Revenue


My approach to driving sales is methodical and result producing

From targeting the right customers and working leads, to crafting and closing deals, I utilized detailed CRM data to continually optimize our sales efforts.

I am a student of people. I can make sure they feel heard while attentively listening to what they do (and do not) communicate. I can expertly manage expectations from sales through execution.

I am a black belt in defeating the obstacle course of selling large deals into the enterprise - and closing with senior executives.

Driving Growth At Copious

Business Model Change & Revenue Growth

Under my leadership, the company experienced significant revenue growth. We used a three-fold strategy: Narrowing our focus to digital commerce, building a strong track record of success in that niche nationally, and shifting from project-based revenue to consistent, ongoing customer relationships.

Revenue Growth


Scaling Culture

As the Copious team rapidly scaled, it was critical that we maintained an intentional culture that knit the team together and delivered on our promises to clients.

Culture is not just about team meals and offsites — though I loved being the team's chef and bartender on Friday afternoons. It is about how we collectively viewed our work, approached tough challenges, and collaborated with our clients.

Passion, integrity, growth and great work were at the heart of the Copious culture. It was crucial that the company leadership model the values, attitude and behavior consistently, and that started with me. When I did not model it well, I acted quickly and communicated openly about what I was doing to address the issue.

“No company, small or large, can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it.”

— Jack Welch

Startup Advisor

I am actively involved with other technology leaders regionally, on issues ranging from talent acquisition, diversity in tech and marketing Portland as a tech hub.

Working one-on-one, I love mentoring and advising passionate startup leaders as they navigate growing a successful product and company. I have held official advisor roles, along with mentoring young entrepreneurs where I see drive and passion.

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"Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.”

— Stephen Covey